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Artistic Details, Art and Furnishings
Ferromobius has been practicing their craft for over 30 years on the Central Coast. They have applied their rich aesthetic sensibilities to projects both public and private, at sites across the nation. Specializing in the use of metals, their work meshes seamlessly with its setting, utilizing a wide array of styles and detail. Ferromobius has worked with many different client configurations, from city councils, and redevelopment agencies, to designers or the private client. They are skilled at building consensus and produce inspiring products that consistently exceed expectations.

Exhibiting a powerful sense of design and flawless execution, the work of Ferromobius has found a home in gardens and out door spaces spanning the nation. From sophisticated access control gates at police stations to the charming Arts and Craft pedestrian gate in a residential garden, their work never fails to delight. Their ever expanding pallet includes gates, light fixtures, trellises, water features, and sculpture, furniture and railing systems. Ferromobius designs their work and executes the details of every project to withstand the rigors of the environment it’s situated in. The lifespan of their works can truly be measured in generations. What they build for you will be a continuing source of enrichment for years to come.

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