About Us

Our designs are distinctive, unique and versatile. Our collaborative vision acts as a springboard enabling a project to perfectly fit the client’s image or expectation.

The life of all of our products can be measured in decades, not weeks or years.  From the weight of the stocks used, to the finishes chosen, to the assembly and installation, choices are made with consideration of the product’s lifespan. We take responsibility for those choices and stand behind our products.

We ALWAYS deliver more to our clients than was bargained for.
This concept is independent of the work’s price level.

A high level of attention is paid to details, dimensions, finishing and presentation during all phases of the project.  We always deliver a product that we can be proud of.


We choose our materials and processes with consideration for our impact on humanity and the environment.  We refuse to build throw-away items.  Therefore, it is important that our products continue to function well through a long lifespan.  We dispose of hazardous materials responsibly.  We contribute back to our community.

We produce our product in a timely manner, taking into account the inherent variable nature of custom work.  Our goal is to keep within scheduling parameters at all times.  We hold communication with our clients during the course of the job as a vital part of the job’s success.  We operate in a clean and safe manner and take responsibility for our clients and their property at all times during the course of our job.

For our work to be a true success, it must enrich everyone that comes in contact with it. A desirable, legitimate end never justifies some unsavory or destructive means.  To paraphrase a good friend of ours, “if it ain’t fun, forget it.”

“Work is love made visible” –Kahlil Gibran